30th Annual Neder-Nederland Race



As with most events in Nederland, and in general, it is the generosity and community-mindedness of our supporters and volunteers that makes the Neder-Nederland Race possible.

As a race participant, when you walk around town and just stop in to any three local supporters, you'll earn a free ride on the carousel!  In addition, most supporters are extending special discounts and promotions for racers!  Go ahead, take a minute to visit our supporters.

As a volunteer, you'll also be immersed in the action of the race.  You'll receive a special 'staff' shirt, power snacks and refreshments, and one free ride on the carousel.  If you want to run or walk the 5K, we'll throw that in too!  Most of all though, you'll have the satisfaction of being an integral part of what makes this race safe, fun, and successful!

We are very excited to report that 100% of the proceeds of this race are currently being donated to our beneficiaries or being re-invested back into the race.  Our goal is to grow the Neder-Nederland Race to a 999 person race by 2015 while, at the same time, giving massively to our community.  Please continue to be a part of this goal by registering to run, jog, or walk, and tell one or two of your friends to join you!