30th Annual Neder-Nederland Race


1.  Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but if you plan to run with Fido, please...
    o   Use a leash no longer than six feet and keep in mind that you'll be in the last group to start.
    o   Know that you assume all responsibility in the event of an accident or aggressive behavior having to do with your pooch.
    o   Remember that if you are running the 10K, you'll need to finish by 10:30.

2.  Are strollers allowed?

Yes.  Since this is a road race, strollers should be just fine.  Having said that, we assume no liability so please make sure you have taken all safety considerations into account.

3.  Can I wear headphones?

While our insurance regulations prohibit the use of headphones, you may wear them at your own risk.  If you do decide to wear headphones during the race, please make sure you have taken all safety considerations into account.

4.  Can I walk the race?

You can stroll, walk, jog, canter, run, race, or proceed at any other speed that you feel like if you're in the 5K!  However, since the course closes at 10:30 am (or so), unless you walk really, really, quickly for a sustained period of time, it is unfeasible to walk the 10K.

5.  Where does the race start?

The race start is in front of Chipeta Park which is at the end of Lakeview Drive in Nederland.  The course winds through our historic Old Town, crossing out to County Road 130, passing the Nederland Middle/ High School and Arapahoe Ranch and back.

6.  What’s the schedule for race day?

Come as early as 7:30 am to register and/or pick up your race stuff.  Grab some tea or coffee and something to eat (on us) and then just wander around beautiful Nederland for a while - just be back in time and ready to go before 9.  (If you’re running late, you have until 8:45 to check-in or register.)  The race starts with a canon blast at 9.  5K awards and drawings start at 10:15.  The course closes at 10:30 at which time 10K ceremonies begin.  The party starts as soon as all the prizes and gifts have been given out.

7.  When will the results be posted?

Results will be posted immediately following the race onsite, and on our website and Active.com within a few days of the completion of the race.

8.   Who benefits from the Neder-Nederland Race?

As many groups as we can afford to help.  Check out the beneficiaries page for the details.

9.  What tips can you offer?

Stay hydrated, pace yourself, don't over-exert, and immediately ask for help if something's not right.  Other than that, just make sure that you're having fun and keep in mind that if you want to be eligible for the Eldora season ski passes, you must complete the 5K in 35 minutes or less, and the 10K in 75 minutes or less.