30th Annual Neder-Nederland Race


The big-heartedness of our supporters invariably amazes us; therefore, we work hard to continually earn, and then keep, your trust and confidence.  We do this by staging a fun, safe, and well-directed event and by providing lots of opportunities to share supporter products and services with our race participants.  The Neder-Nederland Race is well-loved by all who live in the area as well as by those who participate in it, so it is incumbent upon us to make sure that we have top-notch everything!

It is our intention, and we are on track, to consistently sell out the race by 2015.  As you help us grow towards our 900 participant capacity either through a pecuniary contribution or generous donations of your products or services we will, in turn, do quite a bit to actively yet tastefully promote and even endorse your business. 

Find out how supporting the race can benefit your company and how we can help one another in two quick steps:

1)  Acquaint yourself with the support tiers.
2)  Get in touch with Rob.

Thanks for taking time to visit and learn about us, and for exploring the possibility of working together.

Keep on running.

Your race directors from over 8000 feet,

Rob and Ken