30th Annual Neder-Nederland Race

Parking & Transportation

Getting here with RTD

RTD is an efficient way to get to Ned on race day
Nederland is a small town and parking gets tight, please help by carpooling or taking the bus.  It's easy...  there is a HUGE parking lot at 6th and Canyon in Boulder next to the Justice Center and a bus stop across the street.  If you are thinking of taking RTD to the Neder-Nederland Race, the bus stops right across from the Caribou Shopping Center, a short 2-3 minute walk to Chipeta Park, the starting point for the race.


Parking in Ned

You're welcome to drive, but parking can get tight

Sorry to be redundant, but during events, parking in Nederland can be quite a challenge; therefore, we encourage all participants to carpool or take the RTD directly to Nederland via the Regional "N" Route.  Now, having said all of that, when you get to Nederland, watch for signs and parking volunteers to help you navigate easily and park your car safely.